Naturist massage in Paris has only one name:
Natur & Zen and naked masseuses

New card, new prices : Discover the new Natur & Zen menu, a unique selection of high-end massages and erotic and sensual treatments for men, women and couples.

Cut off from the rest of the world, find naturist massage parlors in Paris Natur&Zen, an invitation to well-being sensual and natural journey.

With Natur & Zen massage in Paris take a new look, the naturist massage..

Naturist massage parlors Natur & Zen will share marks of nobility naturist massage, chill and well-being insured. Performed by nude and sensual massages, expert in the art of massage naturist, is to touch and caresses. Naturist massage in the massage parlors in Paris Natur&Zen will go to your escape, original and well-being. Enjoy the massage in Paris differently, with a new experience and original.

Find your naturist massage in Paris Natur&Zen

Naturist massage parlors in Paris NaturZen invite you to come and then release and freedom of the senses, your emotions will be in turmoil in a frame or the trigger is set off and beauty.

The naturist massage with massage parlors in Paris:

The beauty of the body to the naturalness will be sublimated in our living rooms of massages naturist in Paris. Our naturist massages are addressed to the men, to women and couples in the one single moment search of escape and relieving, or for after midday relaxation, discover the service the honeymoon. We do not propose erotic massages, even if those are very sensual.

Natur&Zen PT Dorée

  84 Rue de Wattignies - 75012 Paris

  Tél :

Natur&Zen Raspail

  211 Boulevard Raspail - 75014 Paris

  Tél :

Natur&Zen PT Maillot

  2 rue Ruhmkorff - 75017 Paris

  Tél :


Monday to Saturday
12:00 - 20:00


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Natur&Zen for clean water

Natur&Zen has invested in setting up ultra-powerful equipment to offer you healthy water. All of our facilities on our spas have been equipped with water purifier, anti-limescale.

Did you know ?

Water limescale can impact your health and cause discomfort in contact with your skin: itching, irritation, hair lacking silky, skin disease, dry skin. An installation without anti-limescale equipment is confined to a residue of bacteria, four times more insulating than limestone. Natur&Zen water restores heat exchange and keeps the network clean.

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