naturist massage according to Natur&Zen

Philosophy and concept of the naturist massage according to Natur&Zen

To feel in form and well in its skin in a company in constant boiling such as ours is also to spend time for oneself. It is also to find the harmony perfect between the body and the spirit in order to go from before with serenity and to deal with the daily life in all confidence and serenity.
With this intention, Natur&Zen, this great name of the Parisian naturist wellbeing will be your ally, the time of a pause, between two go, only or in couple. Its chains of living rooms of naturist massage are thus available to satisfy your “naturist” dreams more….
Respect of the values…
At a meeting of massage naturist, masseuse and massed are both entirely naked in a space of quietude and confidence.

Thus, if the naturist massage is allotted most of the time by false interpretations or more exactly of the sexual connotations, it is important to know that Natur&Zen, to avoid these amalgams, clearly traced the values of its practices.

According to him, the naturist concept is a way of thinking, to act or more exactly a philosophy. It is a lifestyle harmonizes some with the nature, characterized by the practice of joint nudity. This, with an aim of encouraging the self-respect, the respect of others as well as the respect of the environment.

Destination “extreme Relieving”!

Thus, a naturist massage constitutes a massage practiced in the most complete nudity, of which the ultimate objective being of living in oneself naturist philosophy, plus the stability of the human body and its harmony with the spirit, and anything else.

Moreover, the naturist massage also supports the optimization of the wellbeing thanks to the direct contact and complete of the body with the natural elements, with its environment, like with the expert hands of the masseuses. Reason for which besides, Natur&Zen especially conceived series of living rooms of massage ideally favorable to naturist philosophy.

However, Natur&Zen is clear on a point. The services, conveying the values and naturist philosophy, cannot make in no case the object of a request of ambiguous nature and must respect the charter meeting well defined behavioral standards. So nonthe respect of this regulation will thus involve the immediate interruption of the meeting.

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When naturism is combined with professionalism

Antidote par excellence against the stress, the naturist massage releases us from our tensions as well as our daily stresses. Moreover, incredible for all our directions, it helps us to eliminate toxins, waste and impurities in order to make us live one moment furnished with magic and pleasure.

In love with the Zen spirit and naturist, incontestably experienced, Natur&Zen, invites you to discover his philosophy of the wellbeing based on the practice of naturism combined with other methods of massage. Combining voluptuous relaxation of the naturist massages and feeling of wellbeing in an entirely stripped body, you will quickly be allured by the skill of our masseuses in the fingers of fairy which will guide you on board this moment signed plenitude and relieving.

To perfect its services with the naturist spirits, Natur&Zen provides to its chains living rooms modern equipment with the point of technology as well as products of more innovating, for the best comfort of fondest of delicacies of the naturist wellbeing. Jacuzzi, balnéo, hammam… immerse you in a convivial and cordial space, in order to offer to each and everyone the maximum of comfort and relaxation.

For all questions, do not hesitate to contact one of our living rooms, Natur&Zen places at your disposal a team of professional available to give you the answer to all your needs.

Fond of delicacies and amateurs of the naturist wellbeing, be sure that if your daily newspaper withdraws you your energy, Natur&Zen, return it, you it. Then with very quickly in our living rooms of naturist massages and spa!

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