Naturist massage for couples,
delight in the plural

The naturist massage for couples

Discovery, pleasures and emotions will be the key word in a nudist adventure for couples. Out everyday and enjoy a time of sharing and sensual original that is sure to rebound the flame in you and with the naturist massage couple.

Have fun while having fun! What's more honorable as initiative, enjoy and share your feelings and sensations proper, for a couples massage to share with your friend and uncompromising, married, lover, spouse

The Magic offered by this unique moment of exchange, discovery and complicity, will be even tenfold thanks to the sensual touch of our masseuses. which will lead you to this pluralist nirvana feelings for a delicious and delightful escape that will excite every nook and cranny of your body.

Details of

Massage for couple

60 min. 290 €

Balnéo couple + Champagne

90 min. 490 €

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