Rules and conditions
of massage naturist Natur&Zen

Deontologic charter, rules and conditions of the naturist massage at Natur&Zen

Chain institutes specialized in naturist massage in Paris, Natur&Zen rests on a concept of wellbeing and relieving “in behavior of skin” in a frame of mind as well as an ethics suitable for naturist philosophy.
And as the services are carried out within the framework of the practice of naturism, any person choosing this kind of massage will be thus forced to adhere to the spirit as with ethics rules which constitutes our living rooms of Natur&Zen massages.

A wellbeing through art of living with the “naturalness” with the naturist massage

In this context and far from the sexual and erotic connotations which are often allotted to him, the naturist massage Natur&Zen is one moment of relaxation, one moment of pure and simple relaxation in a total environment of nudity, sensuality, user-friendliness and respect where any amalgam must be avoided.

To thus avoid all false interpretation of the services of naturist massage suggested in our living rooms, the services cannot fairent the object of any request of ambiguous nature with the masseuses as well inside, as outside our living rooms of massages. For that, Natur&Zen is committed honouring a deontologic charter meeting standards, with criteria of respect and of behavioral ethics, where each one of enters is invited to us has to respect.

Conditions de massage natursite Natur&Zen

All our prices and details are clearly displayed and indicated on site and on our website.

A reception reassuring and professional

Pleasant customers, Natur&Zen, holding the best reception, offer a team of professional available to you, entirely with your listening and in the greatest verbal courtesy. Our masseuses with the expert hands will be able to guide you and direct you towards the services adapted to your needs.

They will be also given the responsability to take care of the best conditions like with the most strict rules of hygiene. Moreover, for these reasons of hygiene, a shower is requested before any beginning of meeting of massage.

The whole, in the strict respect of the confidentiality and the behavior of the professional secrecy. This in a constant preoccupation with a comfort, greater comfort and of insurance of the customers.

The Natur&Zen concept

To accommodate you in space or reign hygiene, relaxation and harmony. Natur&Zen falls under a step of coherent development through a policy of proximity to the listening of its customer (be). Projects of openings on the éxagones are under studies.

Also and strong of a constant request, Natru&Zen wants to post a concise step in its development and to privilege quality with the quantity, in the respect of its concept, by proposing an interior identical of one living room to the other (decoration, furniture, paintings, materials and equipment) to always feel you Natur&Zen in the naturist spirit made in Natur&Zen.

Safety of our masseuses

For safety reasons of our masseuses all our living rooms post the presence of video cameras monitorings. Respecting the regulation and the legislation in force. Our cameras have an internal consultation, thus the use of the cameras remain private and completely confidential.

Code of conduct and charter Customer

In a permanent preoccupation with a comfort as well as greater comfort of its customers, particular conditions related to the ethics of the naturist way of thinking are posted with the reception of each Natur&Zen living room that each and everyone is committed respecting.

First of all, the cabins of Natur&Zen are regarded as private and intimate spaces whose access is formally interdict with any person or outsides object with the service.

In addition, any service is formally and defined beforehand and cannot in no case to be the subject of modification, request, whatever its form, its nature, or its tariff, so much inside that outside the living room. So all other derived: to touch, massage or touch, of some nature that it either cannot be claimed to the masseuses.

Applicant dexterity and irrefutable professionalism, only the masseuses, are authorized to exempt contacts. No tactile between masseuses and massed exchange is possible during the meeting.

The simple fact of not complying with these rules of ethics, any attempt formulated in this direction near our masseuses, any verbal behavior or physics nonin conformity with the frame of mind of naturism will force us to directly put a term at the meeting, without possible refunding. The non-observance of the charter or any overflow will thus cause the dead halt of your care.

Rules, conditions, in short a charter testifies the values to naturist philosophy and authenticates this moment placed under the sign of the hygiene of the escape and relieving with our naturist massages.

All the team of Natur&Zen would be thanks to you for the perfect respect of these instructions and wish right now you a pleasant moment of wellbeing to flower of skin in its living rooms!

Our massages are not associated with any system of physical therapy, medical technique or any rehducation exercise. Our massages do not meet (on the skin or muscles) in any functions related to physical therapy massage (Article 1 of Decree No. 96-879 of October 8, 1996).

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