Grid care rates and massages

  • Soins Options Tarifs
  • L'Oasis de la détente 140
  • L'Oasis de la détente 4 mains220
  • L’évasion des sens 4 mains 220
  • L’Osmose des sens Body body 200
  • L’Osmose des sens Body body 300
  • L’Osmose des sens 4 mains 440
  • L’Osmose des sens Couples 495
  • L’indéSens des sens 150
  • L’indéSens des sens 250
  • L’indéSens des sens 4 Mains 360
  • L’indéSens des sens 6 Couples 395
  • La délectation au pluriel Couples 220
  • La formation au massage naturiste 280
Tous les massages sont proposés sur une durée de 1h. Si vous souhaitez prolongez de 30 minutes, le cout supplémentaire à prévoir sera de 50% sur le prix initial d’une heure de massage.
  • Soins Options Tarifs
  • Options Salons Tarifs
  • Plumes 12 20
  • Mirroir 17 15
  • Bain 12-17 40

Since 2005, Natur & Zen has been the only serious and essential actor offering quality relaxation treatments and naturist massages. Each naturist massage is practiced in a spirit of calm and well-being combining sensuality and eroticism. You will discover below a wide range of care and naturist massages offered in our different massage parlors in Paris.

Everyone can come up with options to enrich your experience even further. The N & Z masseurs who are also ambassadors of your comfort and sensual well-being will be able to answer each of your requirements in terms of relaxation and sensual well-being.

Each of our addresses in Paris offers places of unique qualities in spaces combining comfort, beauty and escape. Everything has been thought to offer moments of sensuality with the concern of hygiene and service. Discover here our list of care and sensual massage to help you in your quest of escape thanks to the erotic massage in Paris.

Give your body the care and relaxation it deserves. Let yourself be guided by the sensual and expert hands of Natur & Zen naturist masseurs. An unequaled know-how that combines erotic massage and sensual massage. Whether you are alone or in a relationship, we will be able to provide the answer to your need for natural well-being.

Because being massaged requires first and foremost a process of trust, the intimacy that results and all the more increased in places where the key words are hygiene, well-being, sensuality. On the skin of each masseuse will come gently touch your anatomy to let all your senses speak. In the respect of the charter and the ethic Natur & Zen you will spend a moment of sweetness and magic.

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