The reflection of the sens,
Mirror, mirror, discover me…!!!

When the delicacy of the velour lets perceive the beauty of the sumptuous curves of a stripped body, covered with oils, sublimated by the majesty of the moment, leave your slipped glance and to thread with its liking in a space or all will be granted to him.

For the greatest pleasure of the eyes and directions, leave in immersion in a universe to the 1001 facets and discovery. 360 degree of pure happiness and magic, nothing will be able escaped with your glance. A scientist mixes makes intersection between the softness of a sensual and naturist massage coupled with the exoticism of a space rich in emotion, welcome in the REFLECTION OF SENS.
The eye, All the universe is in him, since he sees, since he reflects. “Guy of Maupassant”

Only available in the living room Natur&Zen Carries Shirt Paris 17

Details of

The reflection of the sens

60 min. 190 €
90 min. 280 €

Option 4 hands

60 min. 380 €
90 min. 440 €

Option couples

60 min. 390 €
90 min. 450 €

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