3H happiness
Hammam - Massage - Jacuzzi naturist + Champagne

To give pleasure all while giving pleasure, to divide and enjoy together the same gift, it not only possible but is very strongly advised! The wearing of loading for this naturist cruising in the universe of the relaxation and the wellbeing with two is at Natur&Zen. Throughout the voyage new shivers and absolute relieving mix. It envisages 4 stopovers as rich in feelings the ones as the others: the hammam, the massage, the naturist jacuzzi and, size of the event obliges, the champagne. The framework was especially studied to make place an ECRIN of softness and smoothness.

The enivrante fragrance of essential oils is added to the basic, soft music with wish, to bathe the places of the required very particular atmosphere. A discrete but attentive personnel takes care on a multitude of small details whose sum guarantees the exceptional quality of these first moments of common life.

La lune de miel


The naturist massage with two is an experiment placed before very under the sign of the respect of the intimacy of the couple. With proof, during the stopover, forgiveness, the sequence massage of approximately 1:30, the masseuses also two are complementary admirably, and have the true secrecy of a work professional ones carried out in discretion.

Very precise touches and massages follow one another in well targeted parts of the bodies and, miracle, they manage to make forget those which exempt them with a refined art! The masseuses then seem more not to exist, the present moment does not belong any more but to the sailing couple in the wellbeing of their bodies and the plenitude of their released spirits. In this state of relieving and total relaxation, each one is found vis-a-vis itself and with the other for one at the same time magic and single moment which, it is sure, will mark their life of couple forever.

What to keep of an honeymoon passed out of the beaten paths, in a naturist living room of massage? Doubtless initially satisfaction to have made the good choice for an exceptional circumstance which did not have especially to be missed. The opposite would have been a ball to trail all the life. That also to have overcome certain apprehensions due to ignorance. It could not be about it differently since 3 hours of lived experiment will be better always more and than a long report/ratio on the subject written by the best narrator. The joy of a discovery, that of the nature which is not only one question of exoticism in remote countries but can be with range of hands, those of excellent naturist masseuses. Here the dream becomes reality, and reality is lived as in a dream. The directions are stimulated, it is necessary right all to forget, be let rock, and to enjoy intense moments which will not meet elsewhere. Later it is sure, the desire for going back there will not fail to re-appear.

Why not, since circumstances which lend themselves to it, there will be: the famous festival of in love, birthdays, any other event to be marked of a white stone, worries to be evacuated, or simply the need to live again at two these idyllic times, by nostalgia. In fact memories with the honey taste are not erased. Cruisings wellbeing of Natur&Zen are to be appreciated without moderation. Smart So romantic, so, so sweet!

Only available in the living room Natur&Zen Vavin Paris 14

Details of

The honeymoon

3 h. 800 €

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